Turn Quarantine Into Quality Time: 14 Days of Questions and Activities

Are you dreading being stuck at home with your kids these next few weeks? You don’t have to! As a certified-teacher-turned-stay-at-home-homeschool-mom, I got you covered for this quarantine. I’ve compiled 14 days of questions and activities to maximize your time together and help keep you sane. Read on to hear more and download my free quarantine curriculum.

No one saw this coming. We are in a strange sort of survival-mode as a nation right now, and life doesn’t feel anything close to normal.

Most of us aren’t used to being confined to our homes. Most of us don’t know what to do with our children when they’re off from school, nor what to do with ourselves when we are off from work. The state of our nation is unsettling, for sure, but the state of our home could seem unsettling, too.

But the reality is, this time is novel. There are few instances where you will be able to be in close quarters with your family for an extended period of time, for better or for worse. This season could be remembered as a time of complete chaos and despair, but it doesn’t have to; it could be a really memorable time of connection and fun.

As a stay-at-home, homeschool mom I’m used to this life. And if I’m honest, it’s actually really cool and rewarding. It’s not always easy to be home with my kids 24/7, but one of the things that makes our days go by smoothly is having meaningful things to do together.

I’ve been thinking about you all –  those of you who’s next few weeks will look totally different than normal. I can’t imagine how you are feeling. Maybe anxious. Maybe angry. Maybe afraid. Maybe exhausted. Maybe overwhelmed. Any and all of those feelings are legitimate.

I can’t change the reality of your situation, but I thought that I could offer you some ideas of what you could do to make these weeks at home a little more smooth, a little more grounded, a little more enjoyable. No guarantees, of course, but something is better than nothing, right? 

I have put together a two-week quarantine curriculum with fourteen daily themes to cover two weeks. (I am a Level II certified English teacher even though I’m now a SAHM, I still get weirdly excited about curriculums!) Each theme includes questions you can discuss as a family, as well as some structured activities and suggestions for family activities. You can do as much or as little of it as makes sense for your family, and I hope it can work for a wide variety of ages and family groups. Most days require little to no special materials besides what you are likely to have access to at home.

Turn Quarantine Into Quality Time Daily Themes

I believe this time of quarantine could actually be a memorable time in which you and your family can connect and learn together and about each other in new ways. I hope this little resource can help!

Best wishes. You got this!


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A sample from the Turn Quarantine into Quality Time: 14 Day Curriculum

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