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Several years ago, while an eager graduate student, I was tasked to write an in-depth article about something that I was passionate about. I chose to write about fertility awareness and birth control.

I conducted interviews, put out an informal survey, and researched and wrote and revised until it resulted in a 6,000 word essay that I thought nobody would read.

But the reality is, there’s still not much out there about Fertility Awareness or Natural Family Planning. After writing the piece, which was well-received by my professor and skeptical peers, I published it on my hobby blog. I only promoted it to the women who helped me by filling out the survey, and the post has gotten over 1,600 views (which isn’t a huge number, to some, but outrageous to me).

I decided to update and revise it to include here in parts. When I did, I noticed some of the information I had quoted directly from sources has changed in 4 years. I believe this is because of biases in media shifting the way information about birth control is presented, which I find actually pretty scary. I decided to keep some of the old information there, so you can see the shifts for yourself. Brand new information is italicized.

I totally believe that women have the right to know about their bodies and be correctly informed. That’s why I wrote this article in the first place, and that’s why I’m including it here. (Spoiler alert: I believe that life begins at conception.) If you’re still interested, grab a cup of coffee and read on.


Part 1: Our Story and Contraception vs Birth Control
Part 2: Birth Control and its Effects on Reproduction
Part 3: Personal Interviews
Part 4: Our Continuing Story
Fertility Awareness – How To


I also highly recommend checking out Kindara — a website rich with resources, information, a fertility-tracking app, and a wonderful basal body thermometer called Wink that I think is brilliant. I recommend Kindara to everyone who is hoping to try the fertility awareness method.

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