curriculum and communities

Never before has there been availability to such high-quality, awesome homeschooling curriculums and communities. Here are some I recommend getting involved with. 


I ultimately made the plunge to homeschool when I found The Peaceful Preschool, a simple curriculum that gave me the confidence to say, “Oh, I can do this.” Ultimately, you want to choose a curriculum that will help you feel empowered to homeschool. Here are a few I recommend looking into. 


The Peaceful Press

The Peaceful Press was founded by homeschooling mama Jennifer Pepito. She has used her years teaching her little ones as inspiration for these beautiful, simple curriculums. I have been using her Peaceful Preschool curriculum with Levi and believe it is a wonderful resource for parents new to homeschooling. Part Charlotte Mason, part Montessori, Pepito creates simple lesson plans that include a read aloud, phonics practice, counting skills, fine and large motor skills, life skills, and art skills. She includes other helpful resources and even free sample units on her site. See her three curriculum sets here:

The Peaceful Preschool – Ages 2-5
The Playful Pioneers – Ages 5-12
The Precious People – Ages 5-12

Instagram: @thepeacefulpress

A Humble Place

Homeschool Mom and art expert Rebecca has so much wonderful content here! From a Charlotte-Mason inspired kindergarten curriculum to beautiful picture studies (some of which are free!) you can find so much wonderful content here. I also find her merchandise to be beautiful and encouraging.

Instagram: @ahumbleplace


Exploring Nature with Children

Exploring Nature with Children is a curriculum I hope to include soon in our homeschool preschool, although it can be used with older children as well. Created by Lynn, an English mama, the curriculum is inspired by the teachings of Charlotte Mason who stated, “Never be indoors when you can rightly be without.” Extremely affordable, this year-long curriculum is rooted in nature study with units that include a themed nature walk, a themed book list, a poem, a piece of art, and extension activities that can be adapted for children of different ages. Weekly themes include: The Harvest Moon, Pumpkins, Weather, Nesting Birds, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Grasses, Wildflowers, Caterpillars, and Summer Pond.

See also:

Exploring Nature with Children: A Guided Journal
Exploring Nature Around The Year: 365 Days of Nature Journaling

Instagram: @raisinglittleshoots



Wild + Free

“All good things are wild and free.” This quote, by Henry David Thoreau, is the inspiration behind the extensive Wild + Free homeschool community. Founded by Ainsley Arment, Wild + Free has an incredible amount of resources and support for the homeschooling family. They are not associated with one particular homeschool style, but do place an emphasis on the importance of learning from nature.

Wild + Free offers conferences, hosts a family camp, creates beautiful resource bundles, organizes groups, hosts a podcast, and has a powerful Instagram presence.



This may sound petty, but getting linked in on Instagram has been a great source of inspiration for me and my homeschooling journey. I would start with connecting to some of the homeschooling moms I’ve referenced above, or follow some homeschooling hashtags. It’s amazing to see what everyday parents are doing to educate their children.

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