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    On Mother’s Day

    It is calm. Outside, a cool shower is freshening the world. The birds are quiet, Nesting over their young, Prioritizing protection over singing, over making themselves known. My own are upstairs, nestled in our bed, silent except for the gentle swell of their breathing. When they awake, the calmness will break, and a flourish of life will take its place. Today, I am to be recognized, for having given birth; for continuing on Eve’s legacy; for attempting to raise children who will somehow contribute sweetly to the great symphony of life. This duty, which is paradoxically both magnificent and mundane, cannot be fully appreciated by anyone who has not felt the…

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    the little children

    My children don’t carry the burden of things unaccomplished. They don’t yet know the meaning of the ticking clock. To them, the sun’s journey across the sky only means more or less light in which to play. They do not ponder the repercussions of what they do or don’t do, but rather drift along the day’s current like little leaves. They are not bound by internal expectations. They do that which amuses them, Pursue what interests them, And submit to their own needs. They sleep when they’re tired, eat when they’re hungry, cry when they’re sad, laugh when they’re amazed at the little things I forget to see as amazing.…

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    the best thing – a poem

    Perhaps the best thing I can do today is to hold my baby close — to smile at him, to delight in him — to show him that today, he is safe and loved. The world is not safe, of course, but if, perhaps, he believes it is during these young years, if he eases into reality with a guiding, trustworthy hand, if he discovers it in pieces and not all at once, perhaps he won’t fear it as I do. 5/23/16

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    naked and unashamed – a poem

    This afternoon, As my toddler buzzed around the room happily after his bath, He caught a glimpse of himself in the full-length mirror. Upon seeing his reflection, All naked and plump and perfect, He let out a squeal of pure delight. May we all relearn to see ourselves with Such warmth, Such affection.   8/11/16