So, yes. I am hoping this blog will help me generate some income.

I quit my job three years ago to stay home with my kids. This, of course, affects our budget. Seeing as I can write and remain a stay at home mom, blogging is an ideal way for me to contribute financially to my family. I’m also hoping to put a good deal of time into this blog, and I am hoping that I can make some money to compensate for the time and work invested.

Because of that, I am doing what all blogs do and use some affiliate links (through Amazon Associates and Ergobaby) and ads.

I want to be completely transparent with you. I can tell you right now, I would never recommend a product or resource we don’t believe in or find useful. The items I choose to promote are things we currently own, have used, or have read.

If you have a conviction about buying local, I APPLAUD YOU. My parents own a small business, and I know the importance of loyal customers. So follow the link to find info about the item and buy it at your local bookstore, children’s store, grocery store, or thrift shop.

And about ads. Listen, I don’t want to become one of those blogs that feels like the Vegas strip, so I’m planning on prioritizing content over ads. If you feel like you’re getting bombarded with ads and it is interfering with your viewing experience, do me a favor and send me an e-mail! I’ve definitely stopped reading online blogs or articles for that very reason, and I don’t want that to happen to you, dear reader.