book lists

Welcome to a page dedicated to one of my favorite things: books! This is an ever-evolving page, so check back often for updates on book lists.

Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram. On Book Talk Tuesdays, I will highlight some of our favorite books on my stories. The collective list of books discussed will be available here.

living books

These are some of our favorite books! These age distributions are not set-in-stone; rather, they are suggestions.

Living Books for Babes
Living Books for Young Ones
Living Books for Middle Ages (coming soon)
Living Books for Adolescents (coming soon)
Living Books for Adults (coming soon)

resource books

These are favorite non-fiction books that have helped to inspire me and influence my personal philosophy on parenting and home education.

Books for Parents
Books and Resources for Homeschooling Parents

Happy Reading!