Interested in homeschooling? Welcome. While I only have a year and a half of experience, I have taken the time to learn a lot. Here are some resources I have valued along the way!

recommended reading and podcasts

Should you homeschool? What kinds of homeschool are there? Why should I homeschool? This page will give you some articles, books, and podcasts that will answer these important questions.


curriculums and communities

Want to homeschool? Great! Now where to begin? Look at a few of these wonderful curriculums and get plugged into some community support.

homeschool preschool – suggested supplies

For those of you looking to homeschool for preschool, here are a list of the stuff we used most. 


FREE homeschool preschool reflection sheet

Download and print out this reflection sheet to keep track of your child’s learning and progress throughout the year!


my homeschooling articles

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