cloth diapering products

I am a huge advocate for cloth diapering. Here are our favorite diapers and accessories. Want to know more about cloth diapering? Read my Cloth Diapering FAQs.

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bumGenius Original One-Size Pocket-Style Cloth Diaper

bumGenius is an incredible brand. I have used them from the very start, putting the One-Size diapers on Levi when he turned one month old and still use them on him to this day for overnight protection (double stuffed). They have stood up to three years of continual wear by one or two children, and I couldn’t be more pleased. These pocket-style diapers are my favorite (although we use the all-in-ones, too — see below). You simply stuff a liner or two into the waterproof shell, and you’re good to go. They adjust to fit babies from around 7 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds. While they may cost a little more than some other brands, it is well worth the investment.


bumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper

The Freetime All-in-One diaper are as well made and durable as their pocket-style brother. The difference is that the inserts are sewed directly into the diaper, meaning there is no need to stuff them, saving you a few minutes of time after you wash them. These are also a little less bulky. I find the pocket diapers are less likely to leak on bigger babies, but the convenience of these is nice.

bumGenius Reusable Baby Flannel Wipes 

If you are going to wash your cloth diapers, may as well wash the wipes, too! These are made out of unbleached cotton flannel. We simply wet them with warm water before a diaper change, then toss them, along with the dirty diaper, into the wet bag. No chemicals on baby’s bum, and you’re keeping more out of the landfills.


Kanga Care Wet Bag

These large wet bags by Kanga Care are great. They hold about 15 dirty diapers, are well-made, and keep odors at bay. Dirty diapers and wipes go in, and when washing day comes, the bag gets tossed in the laundry, too. Hang it out to dry, and it’s set to go for another round.

Drying Rack

We don’t use this exact brand, but we use a similar style. A drying rack is an important investment along with your cloth diapers. Air/sun drying is the best for your diapers because it maximizes the lifespan of the diapers as well as naturally bleaches out stains.


Read my Cloth Diapering: FAQ’s article here.