classic books

These books have stood the test of time and are worthy of being in your child’s library.

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Where the Wild Things Are

I had known this book as a child, but learned a lot about it during a graduate course I took on writing for children. Sendak’s work subtly addresses some of our less-than-lovely emotions: anger, fear, frustration. It is fun and silly, but also reminds children of a mother’s unconditional love.


Blueberries for Sal

This is one I remember and treasure from my own childhood. It is the story of two mothers and their children, gathering blueberries, and what happens when Sal finds the wrong mother. I love it for its simplicity and beauty.


Curious George

Curious George has become popular because of the modern media, but the original text is the original treasure. Learn how that curious little monkey first got into trouble in this classic text.


Little Bear

This little book is filled with silly little stories of beloved Little Bear. These short little adventures are great for stirring imagination.


The Giving Tree

It’s up to debate whether this story is happy or sad, but what’s not debatable is how children and children attach to it. The Giving Tree is surprisingly complex, yet completely accessible.


Green Eggs and Ham

Of all Dr. Seuss’ books, this perhaps is his most well known. This iconic work is great for learning rhyme and serves as a great introduction to poetry for children. Plus, it is silly, and kids love silliness!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We, like so many others, treasure this book. Babies are engaged by the color and illustrations, toddlers love to turn the pages, and preschoolers can use it to learn counting and science. It’s a must-have.



I read this book aloud when Levi was a newborn, mostly because I wanted to know the real story behind the iconic Pooh bear. I look forward to reading this aloud to him again when he’s a bit older. AA Milne knew how to connect to children at their own level, and this text, which centers on friendship, truly is a classic.


The Chronicles of Narnia

These were some of our favorites growing up, and even before we were parents, we talked about how we looked forward to reading these aloud to our little children. With its rich story-telling style, memorable characters, and Christian allusion, these books have a special place in our hearts. We have them ready on our shelf for the day when our children are ready to wander into the magical world of Narnia.


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