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bumGenius Cloth Diapers – Why We Chose Them and Other Stuff You Should Know

So you’re interested in delving into the world of cloth diapering! Good for you. We began our journey with bumGenius cloth diapers just over four years ago, and I’m so glad we did!

I did a lot of research before we sprang for cloth, and I heard a lot of positive reviews for bumGenius diapers. Even though they were more expensive than some of the brands, I thought they sounded awesome. Made by Cotton Babies, they are soft, cute diapers that adjust so the same diaper can fit an 8-pound baby and a 35-pound toddler. And boy, do they last. We have used ours every day for four years and they still are in great shape!

I know there are a lot of brands out there, but I fully recommend paying a little extra for the high quality of bumGenius.


Why we love bumGenius

These diapers are legitimately well made. We haven’t had a single one fray, lose its elastic, lose its absorbency, or get permanently stained, even through hundreds of poos! The only evidence of their use is some stretch marks along the top, due to the fact that I dried them in the dryer sometime (more on that below), but it has in no way affected their efficacy.

bumGenius diapers also soft, simple, and cute. They’re made from materials you can trust, and they keep baby dry and comfortable while looking adorable.

bumGenius diapers also incredibly adaptable. We were able to use them on both of our children at the same time when Lucy was an infant and Levi was being potty trained, thanks to the adjustable sizing (more on that below).

We have never had to replace one of our bumGenius diapers, and they’re still in such good shape, I could easily pass them onto a loved one for use. They are that fantastic.

Half of our stash.

Our bumGenius Diapers

We have six bumGenius Freetime All-in-One diapers and twelve bumGenius Original 4.0 Pocket Diapers (they’re up to 5.0 now) in a variety of colors.


The Freetime diapers have absorbent microfiber flaps that are sewn into the diaper and fold easily into the waterproof shell. They’re easier to clean and fold.


The pocket diapers are my favorite. They come with a newborn and adjustable one-size insert that stuff into a pocket at the back of the waterproof shell. It takes a little more time to launder them, but I prefer them because I can double-up on liners. I think they are also easier to put on the baby.

Adjusting the Size of a bumGenius Diaper
bumgenius diapers
Here are the all-in-one diapers snapped differently to three different sizes.

Adjusting the size of bumGenius diapers is a breeze.

There are rows of snaps across the top of the diaper that allow you to adjust for the size of your baby. Similarly, the inserts have snaps so you can adjust their length to match the size of the shell. Once snapped, leave them snapped until your baby grows.

L and L each have their “own” diapers set to their individual size.

Cleaning bumGenius Diapers

Cleaning bumGenius diapers is simple. All you need is a quality, cloth diaper approved detergent (I use Charlie’s Soap) and a functioning washing machine.

Separate the liners and shells and dump them in the washing machine.

The manufacturer recommends the following steps:

washing instructions steps
Cotton Babies’ recommendations

I generally put my bumGenius diapers in a hot/cold double rinse cycle, then hang them out to dry on the line. I have dried them in the dryer, but have noticed that my dryer does affect the quality of the liner.

Since each washing machine, and detergent is different, I recommend checking out Fluff Love University, which is, in general, a great resource for cloth diapering, but especially for keeping your diapers clean.

Cloth diapers hanging out to dry.

Affording bumGenius diapers

I know they’re a little more expensive. But you are paying for quality that will last! Consider buying bumGenius diapers used. Ask for them as Christmas gifts (as I did one year) or on a baby registry. Remember: diapering a child for two and a half years costs about $1,277.60 in diapers alone. You may be paying more up front, but you will not have to make room in your monthly budget for diapers.

No matter which cloth diapers you choose, know that you are doing something great for your baby, your budget, and the environment! The important thing is to find a brand that works well for you.

But we love bumGenius, and we think you will, too!

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