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5 Alphabet Books for Little Learners

It’s hard to believe that it’s back to school season already! We are not sending Levi to preschool this year, but we are hoping to make every day an opportunity for learning at home.

Right now, Levi is very interested in letters. He has mastered the letters “L” and “E” and enjoys pointing them out and writing them on any approved surface. His enthusiasm has led to us reading books about the alphabet quite a lot.

Here are five alphabet books that we enjoy at our house. We’ve been reading them to Levi for years, and now Lucy will pick them up and plop them in our laps. Each one has a different way of engaging the reader and introducing them to the alphabet.


A Is for Apple

Good for interactive learners, this book helps children learn to write letters.

We picked this one up at a used book store before vacation this year, and it was great for the car ride. What I love about it is that it is interactive and instructional; Lucy loves to lift the flaps on each page and see what surprise lies beneath, and Levi enjoys using his finger to trace the shape of each capital letter, which truly makes this book unique. Tracing is a great first step in learning to write the letters.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Good for auditory/musical learners, this book turns the alphabet into characters. 

This bright, simple book was a staple in my childhood library. As a kid, I loved the rhythm and rhyme, and as a parent, I find it enjoyable to read aloud. Different from other alphabet books, it’s a narrative about letters. The musicality of it makes it a favorite.


Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Good for auditory/musical learners, this book engages with a child’s love for silliness. 

This classic is silly and fully of Dr. Seuss’s whimsy. I have a copy of the board book, which is a bit condensed and good for younger audiences. Levi likes to recite the tongue-twister rhymes. It’s a fun read.


Eating the Alphabet

Good for visual learners, this book can help get children interested in healthy foods. 

Perfect for teaching little ones about letters and about produce, this book is appealing because of its beautiful watercolor illustrations. It introduces a diverse amount of fruits and vegetables, which is a great way to educate children about all the amazing foods out there. Consider using it along side of a “field trip” to a market or grocery store and make it a multi-sensory experience; have your child identify some of the produce they read about, touch and smell the different fruits and vegetables they find, and purchase some to take home and try.


My First Book of Letters

Good for visual learners, this book celebrates letters with its simplicity. 

This little book, illustrated by Alain Grée, is revered by our family for its simplicity and beauty. The use of negative space makes it easy on the eyes, and the bright illustrations keep the children engaged. They like to read this one again and again.


What’s your favorite alphabet book?


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